Taz Machine

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The TAZ MACHINE is essentially a reverse SLOT MACHINE. Like the SLOT MACHINE, it is a single 360° belly-down rotation initiated from a Flare (belly down, nose away) that is entered from a horizontal line of flight. From a horizontal position (nose pointing left or right), the kite is flared and then rotated on its belly a full 360°, but it rotates in the opposite direction from the SLOT MACHINE. That is, if the kite is pointing left, the kite will rotate clockwise (as seen from above); if pointing right, it will rotate counterclockwise. Therefore, the kite should exit the rotation in the opposite direction (left or right) of entry.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Horizontal entry and exit in opposite directions. ►Flat rotation.


The kite flies horizontally it then flares and is rotated through 360° on it's belly and exits in the opposite direction.


Primary Execution

Fly the kite horizontally from left to right. Then do the same inputs as you would for the Half Axel small pop top wing normal pop for the upper wing and give slack until the kite starts to Flare. Wait while the nose becomes a little higher than horizontal. Then pop with the right hand so the kite starts to rotate on it's belly, you will need to give slack at this point. Once the kite has rotated through one revolution take up the slack in the lines and fly off horizontally in the opposite direction to what you entered in.

Videos with the Trick

Trick animation by Roy Reed


A tutorial by Randy Greenway can be found on this page it is one of his "Newest Tutorials Added"
A tutorial by Robert Randolph (Audiorob)

Slot Machine

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