a.k.a. Stop and Snap Stall

TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 2

The STALL is a snap of the kite that stops it with the nose pointing up. The kite must remain in the stalled position for at least two seconds. Longer STALLS earn higher scores. Ideally the kite should sit perfectly upright, with no lean or wobble to the left or right. The direction of entry and exit does not matter.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Held for minimum 2 seconds.


Primary Execution

Fly the kite across the window then at the same time push with the outside hand and pull with the inside hand then return both hands back to the neutral position. This should only take a spilt second to complete. In this way it will both turn the nose of the kite up and knock the wind out of the sail so making the kite stall. To maintain the stall see below.

Alternative Executions

Fly the kite to the edge or overhead until it stops. After you stall your kite, you may find it hard to hold it stalled. Or you may find that it does not stay nose pointed up. Here is some advice to help you learn to work with a stalled kite. First when you stall a kite, the controls will sort of reverse. To raise a dropping wingtip, gently pull on the side that is dropping. This is counter intuitive since you pull on the opposite line than you would to turn the kite up. To help maintain a stall you need to keep tension off the lines. Walk slowly toward the kite to do this. If the kite starts to drop, then apply a very small amount of tension to the lines to bring it back up. You can also shake one or both hands, this works to keep the air behind the kite from flowing smoothly over the back and accelerating the kite.

Videos with the Trick

Trick animation by Roy Reed


TPUSA judging tutorial


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