a.k.a. Tip Stab and Vertical Stab

TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 3

In the SPIKE, one wingtip of the kite is driven decisively into the ground, where it must be held for at least two seconds. The trick may be entered from either a ground pass or descent at any angle.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Clear and decisive stab. ►Held on the spiked wingtip for minimum 2 seconds.


Fast single wing tip landing.


Primary Execution

Flying a very close ground pass, the move is initiated somewhere before or after the center of the window while the kite still has power and pressure in the sail area. On most kites, the first action is to start an up turn by pulling the "up wing", while at the same time, dumping some air from the "up" wing. The second part actually pulls the "bottom wing" toward you, by pulling the "bottom wing" thus spilling air from that wing and forcing that wing towards you. To speed up this action, the final move is a push with the "up wing" hand again. This is the basic 3 step move for a stab, which is basically a variation of a Stall. This is done very quickly! This sequence of hand movements does vary from kite to kite ie. high aspect, low aspect etc., but try this much first, and you will be on your way. I suggest trying this on your own kite, first slow, and above the ground until you see the exact combination that you and your kites needs, then bring it down close to the ground and STAB! It is easier to do the Black Hole, but I suggest to learn it, start at the top 5° to the right of the center of the window and end up 5° to the left center, executing it the exact way I described above, but the first initial pull will be harder to pull the wing around further.

Alternative Executions

Another way to do it is by simply driving hard at the ground in a dive and then (dependent on wind speed) about 2 kite heights above the ground, push one wing back and immediately pop a hard Axel type move with the same hand.

Videos with the Trick


A tutorial by Robert Randolph (Audiorob)
TPUSA judging tutorial

Two-Point Landing, Backstab, Reverse 3 Point Spike, Reverse Spike, Tequila Slammer and Black Hole

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