Lazy Susan

a.k.a. Rotating Backflip and Turtle Spin

TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 3

The LAZY SUSAN is a single 360° rotation entered from the TURTLE position. The trick begins with a TURTLE (belly up, nose away from the pilot), from which the kite rotates 360° with the lines remaining over the trailing edges during the entire rotation. The trick must be entered and exited nose-up. Compare ROLLING SUSAN.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Nose-up entry and exit. ►Flat rotation.


The kite must enter a Turtle nose up. While the kite is in the Turtle, the kite rotates on its back for 360° with the lines laying over the bottom spreaders throughout the rotation.


Primary Execution

Fly the kite stright up. Then pop both lies and give lots of slack. so the kite enters the Turtle position. Then pop one of the lines to generate a rotation with the kite on it's back. Pull the kite out of the Turtle position after one rotation. The further downwards the nose points while in a Turtle the less gentle it is required to be to initiate the rotation. Some kites that do not sit deeply in a Turtle may require a more aggresive movement into the Turtle to temporarily place the nose deep, but those kites can also be set into a shallow Turtle and softly rotated.

You should take care that while rotating the kite doesn't pick up the lines with it's wing tips. The way to do it is to immediately release both lines after the gentle pull which enables the lines to lay in the cheeks of the kite. Kites that float easily will love this trick.

Videos with the Trick

Trick animation by Roy Reed


TPUSA judging tutorial

Multilazy, Flapjack, Sleazy Lou?, and Rolling Susan

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