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TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 4

The K2000 is a landing to position the kite on its leading edge with the back facing the pilot and the lines coming up over the trailing edge, followed by a half LAZY SUSAN and a TWO-POINT LANDING. From the initial landing, the lower wing is pulled to launch the kite into a LAZY SUSAN. Halfway through the LAZY SUSAN rotation, the wingtips are pulled down into a TWO-POINT LANDING. The initial landing is an integral part of this trick, and the time between the landing and initiation of the rotation should be minimal.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Clean landing on the leading edge for the entry. ►Launch and rotation.


Stand the kite on it's wing tips. Then let the nose fall forward about 15 cm and do a sharp pop and give slack like a Yo-Yo Takeoff only as the kite comes around take up the slack on one line so the kite lands on it's leading edge with the lines coming up over the trailing edge. Do a long firm pull on the same side as the kite is laid on. So the kite jumps in the air and performs a Lazy Susan rotation as it does this you need to take up the slack you gave in the Yo-Yo so you keep in touch with the kite. Once the kite has completed the Lazy Susan rotation give slack so it lands on it's wing tips ready to do another K2000.

Alternative Executions

See Randy Greenway's tutorial

Videos with the Trick


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Lazy Susan, Two-Point Landing and Yo-Yo Takeoff

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