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TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 3

The FLIC-FLAC is a series of alternating Flares and FADES. The kite begins the trick by flying straight down. The kite is flared (belly down, nose away), then pulled back into a FADE (belly up, nose toward the pilot). This sequence—Flare plus FADE—must be performed at least three times. The ideal exit is to Flare the kite halfway, stop with nose pointing straight down, and then fly out in that direction.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Minimum 3. ►Constant speed and movement. ►Parallel position to the ground in both Flare and FADE.


The kite repeatedly alternates between the Flare and Fade position.


Primary Execution

Turn the kite so that it is in powered flight pointing directly at the ground. Have your hands behind you in preparation to throw slack at the kite. Push at the kite - some kites like fast short jab, others a slower gradual push. This will kill the kite in the Flare position - nose away, belly down, lines direct to pilot. Give the lines a gentle flick and slack to rotate it around the pitch axis into a Fade. If the slack is managed well the fade will be nose high, and the kite does not lose altitude. Give both lines a stronger pull to reverse the motion back into a Flare. Repeat.

Some kites have a "dead spot" when in a Fade - this is a certain attitude at which if the input to rotate to Flare is given, the kite is dragged towards the flyer rather than rotating. Avoid it by having the nose high before the input.

If the kite becomes tilted during the Flic-Flac, try to correct it with the balancing rules which apply to a Fade. If the wing to the right is higher, give that wing a stronger pop into Flare than the other wing. Plenty of practice and a little intuition helps here.

To keep altitude or even make the trick rise, pause slightly at the Fade part and give the lines gentle tension to elevate the kite and make up for lost height during the Flare.

Alternate Execution

The trick can be initiated from a Fractured Axel and 540

Videos with the Trick

This is an animation by Roy Reed


A tutorial by Randy Greenway can be found on this page

Rising Flic-Flac, Flare and Fade

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