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The FADE is a float in which the kite is positioned belly up, nose toward the pilot, with the lines extending toward the pilot over the leading edge. The kite must float in this position for at least two seconds. The method of entry and exit does not matter, but both should be clean. Compare TURTLE.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Clean entry and exit. ►Stability (no pronounced tilt or wobble). ►Held for minimum 2 seconds.


A kite is in a Fade when it is nose towards the flyer, belly pointing upwards, with the lines coming over the leading edges. The kite can be held in this position.


Primary Execution

Some kites will hold a fade easily while others need careful tending to. To gain altitude in a fade, wait until the nose is high against the lines and apply pressure (walk backwards). If done with the nose high, the kite will rise: if done while the nose is low, or about to move lower, then the kite will fall out of the fade and be in normal flying position, pointing downwards. If you can feel that the lines are tense enough to push the kite out of the fade, walk forwards. If you can see that the wing to the left is falling, give slack with the right hand (plus walk forward). This might seem an odd thing to do, but imagine a fade as a stall controlled backwards.

Alternate Executions

Three common ways of entering a fade are from a Fractured Axel, Lazy Susan and Flic-Flac.

Videos with the Trick

Trick animation by Roy Reed


A tutorial by Randy Greenway
TPUSA judging tutorial

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