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TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 4

The COMÈTE is a tumbling trick in which the kite rotates in a single direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise). In each rotation, the kite passes through roughly four positions: (1) belly down, nose away Flare; (2) nose pointing down and slightly to one side (approximately 7:00 for clockwise rotation, 5:00 for counterclockwise); (3) belly up, nose away TURTLE; (4) nose pointing left or right (approximately 3:00 for clockwise rotation, 9:00 for counterclockwise). This series of four positions constitutes one rotation. The method and direction of entry and exit do not matter. Compare TORPILLE.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Minimum 3 rotations. ►Constant speed.


Primary Execution

For a clockwise Comète start with the nose at the one O'clock position. Then do a Half Axel hard enough to Flare the kite. Then do a small pop to make the nose point to the five O'clock position. Then do a normal pop with the left hand so the kite goes into a Turtle with the nose at about eleven O'clock. Then take up the slack in the right line so the kite goes back to the one O'clock position ready to do the next two rotations.

Alternative Executions

Videos with the Trick

Trick animation by Roy Reed


A tutorial by Randy Greenway
A tutorial by Robert Randolph (Audiorob)
TPUSA judging tutorial

Flare, Half Axel, Turtle and Torpille

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