a.k.a Axel Cascade

TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 2

The CASCADE is a series of reversing, descending Half Axel's. The trick is entered from a horizontal line of flight, nose pointing straight right (3:00) or straight left (9:00).With each HALF AXEL, the kite alternates between the 3:00 and 9:00 positions, ideally pausing a moment in each position before the next reversing HALF AXEL. The kite must descend through the window, and the sequence must contain at least three Half Axel's. Ideally this trick is initiated at the top of the window and descends all the way to the bottom, and the kite exits in a straight line, in the direction that the nose pointed last.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Horizontal entry. ►Minimum 3 HALF AXELS. ►Straight-line descent. ►Constant speed.


Succession of Half Axel's without the kite entering normal flight.


Primary Execution

If you start with an Axel popped with your left hand, as the kite gets part way through the rotation, pop your right hand to get the kite to Axel back in the other direction. It takes a bit of practice to get the timing right, and the timing will vary between kites.

Videos with the Trick

Trick animation by Roy Reed


A tutorial by Randy Greenway
TPUSA judging tutorial

Half Axel and Comète

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