Black hole

a.k.a none listed


The mother of all Spike's is the Black Hole.


Primary Execution

The black hole is initiated by doing a snap spin right on a downward path so the kites nose is pointing left. This should be done at about 10 feet above the ground. Before pushing out your right hand to complete the 90 degree turn, pull aggressively with your left hand to pull the kite out and and start the downward drop. Immediately following the pull, push out your right hand. It is important that you do not permit the top line to become tensioned during the drop. Walk forward during the move.

Alternate Execution

Another way to do it is to initiate the right turn by a push of the left hand and after the rotation of 90 degrees pull the left hand and simultaneously push out the right hand. This trick seems to cause wear and tear on your kite.


Be warned ! Not all kites like this trick, the Cal Wasp, Buena Vista XTC, and Skyburner Pro Dancer are examples of kites that do these stunts well.

Videos with the trick


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