Barrel roll

Barrel Roll

a.k.a none listed


Flipping the kite over from Fade to belly forward/up


Primary Execution

A barrel roll is a half backspin, though the spin is characteristically unflat. The trick is initiated from a fade. Since the revolution will only be half, the set up of the kite is not as critical as it is for full- and multi- backspins. However, it is easier to be pulling the wing which is lower in the fade. So, from being in the nose-towards, belly up position (fade): pull one wing fairly gently and give a little slack to the other and the kite will roll over to be nose-towards, belly down - and naturally pulls up into normal flying position from there.

Alternate Execution


Since the barrel roll ends with the nose tipped towards the flyer, it is a very useful trick for initiating yoyo?s, or for getting into a very deep turtle.

Videos with the trick



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