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Axel Spike


Primary Execution

Fly the kite right to left at approximately one wingspan above the ground. Push with both lines to stop the kite, giving emphasis to the right hand. Do not stop the kite so hard that it rolls back on the lines. Axel with the right hand. The right wingtip should hit the ground with the nose pointing away from the flyer. Hold the kite in this position with even, light tension. Snap the kite back into a regular Wing Tip Stand? position with an even pull on both lines.

Alternate Execution

An alternative entry into the move is to Slide the kite but allow the kite to rotate as it slides then pop the Axel as it points its nose towards the edge of the wind.

Videos with the Trick


Black Hole, Reverse 3 Point Spike, Reverse Spike, Tequila Slammer and Spike

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