Backspin Cascade

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TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 5

The BACKSPIN CASCADE is a BACKSPIN) in which each rotation reverses direction. The trick begins with a FADE (belly up, nose toward the pilot) that is entered the same as for the BACKSPIN (see the BACKSPIN for details); then the kite alternates rotating in one direction and then the other. The kite must complete at least three full reversing rotations. The method and direction of exit do not matter.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Minimum 3 rotations (e.g., right/left/right). ►Constant speed. ►Even, consistent rotation.


Primary Execution

Fly the kite from the top middle of the window towards the edge of the window in such a way that the kite looses momentum, once the kite is flying down at about walking pace pull the kite into an uneven Fade. Then pull the lower wing in a similar way to starting a lawnmower slowly at first then a little quicker. It helps to pull your arm to the side opposed to straight back as you do this give slack with the other hand. Once the kite has spun on its back one revolution pull as before, but on the opposite side then repeat again for a third revolution. Once this is completed pull both lines and the kite will fly off normally.

Videos with the Trick

Trick animation by Roy Reed


A tutorial by Randy Greenway
A tutorial by Robert Randolph (Audiorob)
TPUSA judging tutorial

Backspin and Fade

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