a.k.a. Moebius, Rotating Fade and Rotofade

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The BACKSPIN is a series of 360° rotations entered from the FADE position. The trick begins with a FADE (belly up, nose toward the pilot), which may be entered from a flare-to-FADE move, Fractured AXEL, or FADE launch, but not in combination with any other trick (e.g., entering from a JACOB'S LADDER). From the FADE, the kite rotates with the lines remaining over the upper leading edges throughout. The kite must complete three full rotations. The method and direction of exit do not matter. Compare MULTILAZY.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Minimum 3 rotations. ►Control. ►Even, consistent rotation.


From a Fade the kite rotates on its back.


Primary Execution

This trick is initiated from a Fade. One wing is pulled in a sweeping pull starting slow and speeding up through the pull while lots of slack is given with the other hand.

Alternative Execution

It is easier to learn the trick from a Fade that is on an angle of about 30 degrees. To do this fly the kite towards the ground at an angle. Then enter the fade in the normally, this will give you an uneven fade then pop the lower wing, remember that your lines are crossed over. The pop should be slower to start off with then get quicker as the kite starts to spin, this is easier to do if you pop your arm to the side instead of straight back. The pop is similar to starting a lawnmower. As the wing comes around give lots of slack. Then pop again as the wings become level. This time the pop is lighter and faster as the kite is all ready spinning. To exit the trick pull on both lines.

Alternative Execution Moebius

Fly up to somewhere approaching the top of the window and start a downward turn by pulling the left hand. As the kite turns left and the nose passes the 9 o'clock position, pop the right wing with a gentle axel-like motion. This causes the right wing to be pulled towards you and the nose of the kite to lift up so that it is spinning flat on its back in an anti-clockwise direction (looking from above).
If you think how a normal Axel forces the nose down into a flattened spin, this inverted Axel, the Backspin, forces the nose up into an inverted spin.
As the nose of the kite approaches the point directly away from you (the kite is still on it's back, but now has the trailing edge towards you), pull gently on the left line to spin the kite around on its back another time. Pop again at the same point to force another rotation, and so one.
Done correctly, the move should be very smooth.

Backspins range from flat to Barrel Rolls; the flatness is governed by the amount of slack you give. Less slack results in a rolling Backspin as popularized by French pilots and in the extreme the pulling hand is kept taut resulting in a Barrel Roll.

Videos with the Trick

Trick animation by Roy Reed


A tutorial by Randy Greenway can be found on this page for the Backspin Cascade. The entry for the Backspin is the same just keep popping with the same line.
A tutorial by Randy Greenway
TPUSA judging tutorial

Barrel Roll, Backspin Cascade and Fade

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