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Stranger Level 7

Thu Apr 18, 2019 1:59 pm

I just picked up a rather musty smelling Level 7. It looked like there was a bit of mould on the sail, but thankfully just on the thick fabric near the wing tips and it cleaned up rather nicely. Anyway, I have a couple of issues I need to fix before this poor unloved kite sees some airtime... then probably quite quickly, some crashing into the groundtime too!

First off, the bridle lines aren't even, so I need to adjust them, however I can't find any measurements anywhere.

Secondly, the T-bar on my one moves up and down the spine of the kite, only restricted by the cutout in the sail. I take it it was probably glued in position originally? When the kite is assembled, the tension line for adjusting the nose billow pulls the T-bar up the spine and bunches up the 'keel' bit of the sail a little.

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Re: Stranger Level 7

Fri Apr 19, 2019 12:13 pm

Hi Ali,

Just run the tape measure over my kite,

Upper is 53 cm
Lower outer is also 53 cm
Inner is 68 in total, with a turbo 10 cm from the middle knot.

For the t bar, mine has a sleeve glued to the spine above the tee, but when the kite is assembled this is hidden in the spine pocket, so not actually useful.

My spine doesn’t appear to get pulled up towards the nose when tensioned, maybe mine is not set to pull too much bend in the top of the spine ???

Hope this helps,