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I need to repair the nose of my kite:(

Tue Jun 01, 2021 8:14 pm

Hello, I have to repair the nose of my kite (vintage tango, eolo) I have never repaired a nose and I wanted to know the requirements and steps that I should follow, I don't know if I have to remove the piece of fabric that is currently there, or sew over it I do not know the shape that the coating patch should have, if someone can locate me I would be very grateful
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Re: I need to repair the nose of my kite:(

Thu Jun 03, 2021 10:27 am

Hi, and welcome to the forum.

The answer really depends on the extent of the damage. If it's completely worn and requires full replacement then you would do best to remove all the spars, remove the fabric that's already there and use that to create a template for a replacement. Sewing these heavy materials can be done on a home sewing machine but it isn't easy.

If the spine has punched a hole through the nose in a single spot, then you could do at least a temporary repair with a fat end-cap on the end of the spine (it might have one, but that might have got punched through and lost or split,) and a rectangle of dacron folded over and slipped inside the nose webbing at the tip of the spine. I've run a couple of old kites like this for years with no problems.
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Re: I need to repair the nose of my kite:(

Sun Jun 13, 2021 7:00 pm

I have only repaired a nose once by patching it with seatbelt like fabric and only partially written anything about it, though there are some photos: ... _rid=10687

Since the fabric was very thick and got harder after melting the edge of it. I grabbed the wheel on the sewing machine by hand to slowly get through the tapered molten parts when sewing. I’d say that the tapered molten method worked quite well, since I go no extra line snags from the repair.