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Royston Heath/Therfield Heath

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:37 pm
by BlueSkyBry
Not sure how may of you have ever flown at Royston Heath, also known as Therfield Heath (North Hertfordshire, just outside the town of Royston itself) before, but I had the morning off today and thought I would give it a shot.
Many of you have probably visited here for the annual Royston Kite Festival ,which is held on the first Sunday of August. For those who haven't, I can certainly recommend it.
The site consists of several sectioned fields, some mowed and some left as wild heath. The site is quite hilly and exposed, giving it great potential for kite flying. There is ample free parking, and a short walk from the car park will take you to a mowed field that is near the top of one of the hills which, I believe, is the field that the kite festival is held in.
The field is very large and on a gentle slope with flat land stretching out and away from it.
The best thing is that there is no tree line to interfere with the wind when it come across the land and gets forced up the slope at speed.
All the walkers that I saw on the heath were using the paths in between the fields and I had the whole field to myself all morning ,with consistent clean winds of about 10mph on average, which suited me just fine.
There are also toilet facilities and a small restaurant near the car park where you can grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee.
If you're in the area, drop in for a fly, I'll certainly be making it one of my regular spots.