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Kite Designer Links

Thu Dec 08, 2005 5:04 pm

The men and women behind it all. These people are at the cutting edge of the design and manufacture of quality sports kites. Not a month goes by without some kind of innovation in the world of kite making. Many of these people are very approachable and happy to converse with their adoring public. Be warned if you wish to join their ranks though, it's said that noone ever got rich designing kites.

Benson Kites - Home of Tim Benson, the big British name behind such masterpieces as the Deepspace, Gemini, Outerspace and the exciting new quadline Airbow.
Carl Robertshaw - The creative genius behind the Dot Matrix, bits of the Lord of the Rings and all round good-egg.
Prism Kites - The largest kite manufacturer in the world. Practically everyone has a Prism in their kite bag - and there's a good reason why. Fly one and find out...
New Tech Kites - Home of some major players in the kite industry, including the world famous Dodd Gross, Martin Lester and Kathy Goodwinds.
PBSK - Peter Betancourt Sports Kites are manufacturers of possibly the most beautiful kites around - check out the fantastic appliqued designs on these highly desireable kites.
R-SKY - Heard everyone talking about the Nirvana? Well here's where it comes from. This French company is leading the world in freestyle kite design.
Airdynamics Sport Kites
Wolfgang Siebert
Ramlal Tien Not sports kites, but quite simply the most beautiful kites in the world.
Ramlal also designs for L'Atelier
Ian Newham
Dutchkites - Pim
Sky Master Kites -
Sky Sport Design (Sea Devil) –Lam Hoac
Christian Derafat – Designer of Le Virus
Jean Paul Conne - Designer of the STX
Spirit Of Air - Probably the biggest range of kites in the world
Jest of Eve Kites
Torus kitesInteresting graphics from Spain
Blue moon kitesNo longer manufacturing but the link still works for contact details for Ken McNeill
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