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VF Round 27 results!

Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:23 pm

Unfortunately Zhou and Wan didn't get their scores to me on time so I can't include them in the results, which is a shame. (Zhou, Wan - please enter next time)

For the sake of completeness I have included Zhou and Wan's scores on the bottom.

Nice one Antonis! =D> but it was that close all the way... just beating Alex. Antonis - let Alex have your address and he can send you the winners banner so you can sign it.

Many thanks Ian, Alex and Craig from the FA shop for the prizes... much appreciated. Also to Adrian for doing all the hardwork in the background and Kiteclique for the hosting 8) =D>

Thanks everybody for entering, looking at the calander I think the next round will be in the new year now, otherwise it will get lost in Christmas.

I will do the prize draws at the weekend

Antonis 276.80 100
Alex 273.10 99
Davide 252.80 91
Sascha 241.00 87
Martin 214.20 77
Dave H 201.80 73
Gerardo 198.20 72
Sergey 197.70 71
Yan 194.70 70
Shao 190.00 69
Fabio 189.00 68
Ian 178.90 65
Walter 174.10 63
Kostaaa 166.00 60
Pawel 157.90 57
Anthony 142.50 51
Narcis 116.80 42
Stephan 112.40 41

Wan 201.00 73
Zhou 232.40 84
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Re: VF Round 27 results!

Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:01 pm

Congrats Antonis, =D>

The Banner is waiting for you 8)

P.S: Zhou and Wan whats up guys? :roll:
Some videos are pleasure to watch.
Well done all!

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Re: VF Round 27 results!

Wed Oct 16, 2013 9:36 am

Congrats to Antonis =D> well done all other flyers, very hard to score this one. Thanks to Yan and Adrian for another great vf round :D