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Re: Video Codecs & Rendering

Mon Feb 18, 2013 3:16 am

kostaaa wrote:
In this topic we can discuss how to improve the quality of our videos and how to take the maximum of our camera.

We covered this before but it's an evolving field. Almost everything specific that you learn will be out of date by the time you've got it into your head.

I spent many hours trying different codecs and I'm in trouble ones again....

Given what your source material is (848x840, 30fps, 13134kbps), there should be no difficulty getting this down to 20MB, let alone the new 25MB, without needing to resort to weird video codecs.

resolution 1280x720px (up-scaling!).... because YouTube makes the quality worst

Upscaling is almost always a mistake. Far better to leave it in the native size and let the viewer's PC handle getting it onto their screens.

files should be converted in lower bit-rate (H.264) for less space & more smooth preview while editing (probably?).

As Ian said, any conversion should be done as the last thing if at all possible unless you need to do this to get it into your editing software. I'd recommend any PC owner have Microsoft's Movie Maker because it's quite good at banging out a simple video. You will have to pre-convert a .MOV though.