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STACK Festival competitions 2018

Mon Feb 19, 2018 9:15 am

STACK had its AGM yesterday, and most of the discussion went around how to boost dwindling numbers of competitors. All agreed it would be important to make competition-flying more visible to a wider public, and that kite festivals offered a key opportunity for that. So what was decided is to give the following a try in 2018:

Any individual, pair or team, dual or quad, that has a slot in the arena at a kite festival can opt for one of their routines in their slots to be judged and scored. STACK will provide the judges and will also give some commentary, briefly explaining competition, etc. At the end of the festival, the scores of anyone competing at that festival will be put together and the individual, pair or team, dual or quad, with the best scores will win that festival. So there will be an overall winner (effectively, individuals competing against pairs against teams, dual or quad) and they will then be announced as such at the end of the festival.

These festival competitions will not have any bearing on the national competitions, but of course mention will be made of the nationals. There will be virtually no effect on the running of the festival, because the routines will be flown as scheduled, whether or not they're judged/scored. Only difference will be a few recognisable STACK judges in the arena for those routines that count towards the festival competition, and a bit of explanation on the PA (either by the 'resident' PA or by a member of STACK).

If any sport kite flyer, pair or team flying at one or more festivals in the UK in 2018 is interested in participating, can you please let me know? I've been asked by Barry to take on the role of Competition Coordinator, and in order to get this off the ground, I first of all need to know who is interested in this. Once I have a list of participants and festivals, I can then contact the relevant festival organisers and try to get them on board.

Any questions, just ask!