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Cavaliers Du Ciel STX 2.1 standard

Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2020 1:24 am
by adicakes
This is a Cavaliers du Ciel STX 2.1 standard (made in France) in very good condition.

It has 6mm leading edge and upper spreader spars, P200 spine, and Avia G-Force lower spreaders. There is a small cut near the upper spreader rub patch; the cut has been patched neatly with clear tape, see photo. There is also some staining on the Icarex in places, most noticeable on the white panels. The outer standoff fittings have punched through the mylar reinforcement, which seems to be typical of these kites. These kites were very popular in the European competition scene earlier in the 2000s and they were *not* cheap kites to buy new!

Gallery of photos here:

Asking £90. Postage from Australia to the UK is an additional £22. Money will be going to local charity.