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Lam Hoac UL 4-Vent Custom Fearless II

Wed Jul 03, 2019 1:01 pm

Starting this on EBAY tonight under seller: johnmenc. Will start USA 10PM EST time so check July 4, 2019 if in Europe.

Lam Hoac (Signed - see photos) Fearless II (much improved from the original Fearless) Sport Stunt Kite Dual-Line Ultralight Model 4-Vent Custom Made (Wind Rage : 4-20 mph). UNIQUE design. Flown several times over sand. Virtually NEW. Just selling this extra UL which fly's very few times lately at Asbury Park, NJ. As with all "ORIGINAL" Lam Hoac kites signed by probably the best stunt kite designer in the world (in my opinion) but as many other top pilots will today agree. Comes with bag and upper & lower spreaders. No tears or marks, nose area PERFECT. Lines on kite all PREFECT with no fraying. See a Lam Hoac kite in action by going to You Tube and entering this kite maker. Reasonable low starting price at $249.00 as this kite new was $450. For the advanced pilot or the pilot wanting something levels above a mass produced Prism kite. Lam currently lives in Canada so the region of manufacture was listed as Canada although he is originally from Vietnam. Shipping is Registered ONLY in the Continental U.S. at ($15) and ($25) everywhere else in the world - even Australia. Hopefully some top European pilot will buy it as these are RARE in Europe due to their initial high cost and shipping rates. As with all Lam's kites - very wide wind range, little pull when flying, easy to trick, no kite adjustments either at 4 mph or 20 mph needed! and built like a ROCK in terms of its durability based on using the finest materials.

Starts at $250. Shipping worldwide.

John Lorenzo
United States
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Re: Lam Hoac UL 4-Vent Custom Fearless II

Thu Jul 04, 2019 9:19 am

Hey John... feel free to post a link once it's up.