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I need help to evolve as a pilot!

Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:36 pm

Good Evening friends,
 My name is Vasili, i am from Crete Greece, and i own as also seen in my avatar :
2 Flexifoil Stranger's, 1 Tribord Wing 217 and an Eolo Genesis.
 I had 2 White and Blue Strangers (the 2 last of the shop in fact) one "dressed" with the remaining VP Skyshark spars and some P200's that i had from the purple one, but unfortunatelly was stolen from my front door... :( 
 I was afraid to learn to fly with the icarex sail since i was learning and i had already damaged the kite by flying on hard surfaces, mostly gravel.
 Don't judge me... i found out the hard way... grass here in crete is hard to find. Now i fly strictly on the beach.
 As far as i know, i must be the only one among the stunt kite owners of the island that tries to fly freestyle.
 But, unfortunately for the time beeing my kites limit me to just a few tricks and i would like to get the best out of them since for the time beeing i cannot afford to buy a modern trick capable kite.

 The problems that i am facing are that i cannot do backspins with my strangers (fiberglass frame cause of the swap with the blue one).
 I have managed to start doing tricks with my eolo genesis and i'm starting to get the feel of it but also needs improvement with the bridle but i will sort that out by reconstructing them using the instructions of a french pilot that i found online.
I need your help Setting Up my 2 Stranger's.
What rods to buy and where from.
I would prefer something much cheaper than Skyshark for now, but with good stifness for tricks, because i cannot afford to spend 300 euros now  for 3 kites that i am still learning on.)

My Wing 217 needs a total rebuild as far as geometry is conserned (upper spreader length - lower spreader length - stand off position and lenght).
I redesigned the bridle which helped the kite a lot in terms of stability and precision but still no backspin even with 20 gramms on the tail.
i will send the sail dimentions whenever i get the chance.

Thank you in advance for your attention and your help.
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Re: I need help to evolve as a pilot!

Thu Aug 02, 2018 6:57 pm


If you want to learn the newest tricks, you can not use an old kite and just put a frame in it and add some weight. Sorry.

My advice: use the money that you planned to spend to buy a second hand, modern kite.
(Or I can build you an open source kite, like Magnet or Return, but that will cost you a bit more.)

But I once had a Stranger, and it was framed with 6mm Excel all around. Feels very weak/flabby now, but never felt that when it was my best kite :)
You can learn stalls, slides, axels, flicflac with it. But not yoyo's, jacobsladders, multilazies.

Good luck!