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Dyneema/Spectra fishing line update

Tue May 02, 2017 12:12 am

HI this is the update made earlier about using 8 strand Dyneema fishing line.(Ebay) made set of lines using 90lb line.
Use with Prism Quantum Pro in light to medium winds.Performed well with no stretch. 4 hours in total so far.

Because it seems a lot of retailers are going over to power kiting + finding lightweight sets are much harder to find. Manufacture of your own sets is one option.
I used different colours (used same colour was able to get sleeving in) add also cost of 100m for around £4.80. Complete set 25m sleeved less than £5, recommend make your own give it a try + if not happy with results. Have plenty of spare string for other use.
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Re: Dyneema/Spectra fishing line update

Sat May 06, 2017 2:39 pm

Funnily enough I`m just off out to the field to make up a second set using this!

I bought 60lb in Fluro Orange for low wind and 90lb in Blue for Std as an experiment.
When making the 60lb set I thought it a little "elastic" but bearing in mind I was tugging hard at the staked line and it`s not pre-stretched I expect that, I will see how it settles after a few more flights and maybe compare with one of my Dyneema sets of the same length (25m).
The few flights I have had using the 60lb have been fine, no difference in performance between this and Dyneema or Climax Proline but they were with one of my LW kites in light winds with no pull and I was too lazy to line swap and test back to back.
Physically it looks and feels good, the braid is tight and the diameter stated is accurate (90lb is 0.5mm) and It floats (the only test I have to see if it is a type of Dyneema !!) so I`ll make up this set and see how it performs although unless its diabolical I don`t think I`m a good enough pilot to pick out the nuances :?
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Re: Dyneema/Spectra fishing line update

Sat May 06, 2017 3:28 pm

@woody482 & Crafter

... and no color in the hands by rolling the lines?
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Re: Dyneema/Spectra fishing line update

Sat May 06, 2017 7:28 pm

Only with the Fluro Orange! Not experienced it with the Blue line today.

As an update regarding the lines, I re-checked the 60lb (Fluro Orange) lines for equilisation today after making up a set of 90lb and found them to be 25-30mm out of synch so re-equilised them.
I`m putting that down (again) to not being pre-stretched and the fact i am very bias when flying! (prefer right hand inputs although i am trying to train myself out of the habit!!)
Its worth noting and i will check the lines after each session before i wrap them up!

As for "elasticity" or "bungee effect" I tested that today. 90lb/0.5mm diameter has a stretch of 6" over 984" (82ft) when ground staked and pulled on the equiliser hard! So with more input than I will ever use on a kite in the air the deflection is ...1% or there abouts.

Please be aware!!! this is not scientific or under any other conditions other than me wondering how much "give" it has! It felt stretchy but crunching the numbers showed me it`s actually pretty rigid. Again random dog walkers and time stopped me from rolling out my normal Dyneema lines and comparing but I will do :)