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Escape need a tune

Thu Apr 14, 2022 8:50 am

I'm after a bit of tuning help. 
I've built a few open source kites over the last year and they all fly very well.
Apart from one - an Escape.
I've measured and re-measured the frame and bridle and there is nothing out, but it flies wrong.

I can get it to fade, axle, etc, the modern tricks are all there to my ability level, which is pretty low.
But it's the standard turn, just the basic turning :) that's not working.

The kite seems to be reticent to turn, it's sort of a lazy wide loop.
Normally in a turn you feel a little bit of drive from the outside half of the sail, it's almost powered through.

My Escape just kinda flops round, the outside line is really slack and it feels like the kite is hanging on the inside half of the sail rather than being pushed through by the outside.

I'm off to fly this weekend and I'll mess about with the bridle but I really wanted a few pointers to help me out.

I've built a 90-3, a Lazarus, and Escape and a 90-Nothing.
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Re: Escape need a tune

Mon Dec 04, 2023 12:36 pm

This is probably only a few years too late… but curious if you ever got your escape flying correctly. I read that you did a double check of your specs, but you didn’t remark which bridle your were using ( the plan has two variations of the three point bridle one by Birger and one by Stephan). Just curious.
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Re: Escape need a tune

Thu Jan 04, 2024 10:17 am

Hiya, thanks for the response. I re framed the Escape in "proper" carbon, it had been made using your basic 6mm pulltruded stuff. It still flew weirdly. I made up the bridle on the plan, but I'm not sure what one it was. I'll dig out the kite this week and measure up and then make up a bridle of the other type and give that a go. 
The kite flies and it will do fades, axles and the other 3D tricks, it's the basic turning that it doesn't do well. Maybe this kits is flown in and out of tricks all the time and no one noticed it just doesn't turn normally ...
The thread necromancy has given me a push to get my kite bag out and prep for the better weather though.