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Wed Jul 02, 2008 4:27 pm

Do I get some points for trying? :lol:

I bust a lower LE on my Cosmic Stnd yesterday but the wind was pretty strong and frankly I'd be surprised if anything would have survived the dink I managed. :oops:

I've replaced both lower LEs with 6 mm Structil and inserted an 8 cm long, 4 mm glass fibre rod as a reinforcement at the ferrule end (copied from Tim B). Hopefully this will prevent futher mishaps, think Pierro has done something similar on his Cosmic?

What I did find was that the Structil in both lower LEs was uneven in wall thickness ie the centroid of the inner wall was off centre (not directly to blame for my prang but it didn't help either). I think we've had a few posts a while back about the quality and consitency of carbon rods, though I think this was mainly Skyshark?
A NOHD will be published for the DS in due course, till then wear sunnies.