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The YO-YO is a simple roll and unroll of the lines around the kite. The kite is rotated on the pitch axis 360° so that the lines become fully wrapped around it, and then it is unrolled. The trick may be entered either nose-up or nose-down, but the nose orientation must be the same for both the roll and the unroll. No other maneuvers may be performed while the kite is rolled up; before the unroll, however, the kite may fly a short distance in the direction the nose is pointed.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Clean roll-up and unroll. ►Straight line.


The kite is made to rotate 360° around the pitch axis, nose falling away from the flyer ending with the flying lines wrapped around the kite in normal flying position. To do this trick successfully the kite should be equipped with yo-yo stops, a yo-yo line, roll-bars or other devices in order to secure the lines to fly while wrapped. The trick is usually finished by unwrapping the kite or rotating it in the opposite direction so the lines become free again.

Some kites will readily yo-yo, and others can be made to yo-yo more easily by the addition of weight to the tail. Adding tail-weight often will make 2-pop yo-yos more difficult or even impossible on a kite that can execute them so it is best to determine which your kite does best. A kite that will easily sit deep in a turtle is often best yo-yo'd with the 2pop method. There are many ways to wrap and unwrap all of which make for a versatile combination trick.


Primary Execution

With slight pressure on the sail, throw your hands forward slightly then the nose should fall back around 20°. Immediately give a gentle tug-and-slack, and the nose will tip towards you ready for the bigger pop. (For related information see Crazy Copter Learning the timing and amount of pressure required on the sail to let it fall backwards can be tricky. When the nose is towards you give an input with both hands to rotate or flip the kite around into the yo-yo configuration. It should be noted that the trick is easiest executed with multiple wraps in the lines to facilitate easier catching of the yo-yo stopping devices.

Modern kites are very flyable when wrapped - effectively with a one-point bridle. Generally however, the kite will need more wind to stay in the sky, will turn slower and tricks are more difficult while wrapped. Tricks which can be done well while wrapped include the Turtle, Lazy Susan, Rolling Susan, 540, Lewis and of course more yo-yos. Research is ongoing into other even more mind bending combinations, such as the yo-yo Comète and multiple yo-yo Flatspins.

The simplest way of unwrapping is, during powered flight and the nose pointing up, throw your hands forward then gently pull to start the unwrap. Don't pop the lines or pull any harder than needed otherwise the unwrap will be jerky and you could snap a leading edge. Unwrapping this way loses altitude quickly.

Unwrapping with the nose pointing at the ground is done in the same way. Push to Flare out the kite, then pull the lines to unwrap. The kite will hover while unwrapping. As the kite reaches the point where it is in the Flare position you can give some slack and catch the kite into a Fade.

Alternative Executions

If the kite rotates in the pitch axis easily: stall the kite with the wingtips level, and prepare for the next input by having your hands behind you. Pop a hard Turtle (ie both hands), give a lot of slack and take a step forward if the wind requires. After the kite rotates, give some tension to the lines so they settle nicely into their stops/bars/etc.

Many people find the easiest way to yo-yo is to give the input directly after a Barrel Roll. A Barrel Roll sets the kite up with the nose dipped towards the flyer. Also, wrapping the kite up from Flic-Flacking can be intuitive - simply over do the Fade to Flare part, giving a stronger input and more slack - the kite will wrap up, but will be pointing downwards so make sure you have enough room to pull up - or unwrap!

There is also another method of yo-yoing the kite that is slower and less aggressive. It is called the 2-pop yo-yo. The 2-pop yo-yo is best executed with kites that have little tail weight and sit deeply, and enter slowly into a Turtle. Fly upwards and begin your preferred motion to enter a Turtle. As the belly of the kite becomes horizontal place your arms behind your hips slowly, this should bring the kite towards you but not affect the kites position. A kite that is capable of easily doing the trick will stall for a short time in this position to give you the appropriate amount of time to adjust your body and arms. When the kite begins to sink into a Turtle, release your arms forward to allow the kite to sink into a yo-yo. This method of entering a yo-yo can often take many seconds, but requires the same effort in low and high winds.

An alternate entry of the 2-pop yo-yo is a more aggressive execution. With any kite that sits deeply in a Turtle, simply give a strong pop and slack with both hands. The kite will yo-yo very quickly. This execution can be done from anywhere that ends in a Turtle.

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