Two-Point Landing

a.k.a. Basic Landing

TP-USA Tricks Party Definition

The TWO-POINT LANDING is a landing on both wingtips at the same time. It is initiated with a STALL as close to the ground as possible, such that the kite does not hover or float down to the ground. The angle of approach does not matter. The kite must land on only the two wingtip points (not wingtips and spine, or the entire back of the sail). The kite must remain on its wingtips for at least two seconds before being relaunched.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Decisive landing on both wingtips simultaneously. ►Held in this position on the ground for minimum 2 seconds.


Primary Execution

Fly the kite close to the ground then do a Stall this is done by pulling on the inside hand then pushing on the outside hand in such away that the kite points up and the air is knocked out of the sail. The kite will then fall to the ground onto both wing tips.

Videos with the Trick


A tutorial by Robert Randolph (Audiorob)
TPUSA judging tutorial

Stall and K2000

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