Slot Machine

a.k.a. Horizontal Slot

TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 3

The SLOT MACHINE is a single 360° belly-down rotation initiated from a flare (belly down, nose away) that is entered from a horizontal line of flight. From a horizontal position (nose pointing left or right), the kite is flared and then rotated on its belly a full 360°. If the kite is pointing left, the kite will rotate counterclockwise; if pointing right, it will rotate clockwise. The kite should exit the rotation in the same direction (left or right) of entry. Compare TAZ MACHINE.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Horizontal entry and exit in same direction. ►Flat rotation.


Kite is flown across the window then rotated on it's belly one revolution. It is exited in the same direction it was stated in.


Primary Execution

Fly across the window, execute a Half Axel move with your inside hand (up wing) As soon as the belly flattens out (that is before the Half Axel move is completed!), pull your inside hand again sharply and push forward the outside hand causing the kite to spin through 360°.

Videos with the Trick

Trick animation by Roy Reed


A tutorial by Randy Greenway
A tutorial by Robert Randolph (Audiorob)
TPUSA judging tutorial

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