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Axel across horizontal plane in which the spin continues in the same direction as entered.


Primary Execution

Fly a horizontal pass then push with your top wing hand, and snap it back. Use just the top wing hand and a slightly exaggerated motion. The kite will roll onto it's belly and continue over on it's back, and then pulling up on it's lines will cause the kite to snap back into flight.

The hand movements that start this trick are similar to the movements of the half axel, only the top hand pull is harder for the rixel. The movement of the kite is essentially the first iteration of a torpille.

Alternate Execution

This move can be done to a landing as well. When the kite is rolling down, just as it turns on it's back, pull up the lines to plant it on the ground. In a good landing both wingtips get planted at the same time. While the kite is rolling over the lines should be slack. Find out how far down the kite drifts usually before you can pull it up to plant it on the ground, and set your initial horizontal line accordingly.

Not technically an alternate execution, but the rixel is very common when beginners learn the half-axel.


Videos with the trick


Axel, Half Axel, torpille

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