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Enter in horizontal flight then Turtle. Then a single Lazy Susan rotation executed with the top wing. Kite exits in opposite direction to entry.


Primary Execution

Fly horizontal to the ground pop the upper wing then do a stronger pop to the lower wing. This will throw the kite into a deep Turtle. Then pop the upper wing again so the kite does a single Lazy Susan rotation, pull on both lines so the kite fly's off in the opposite direction to entry.

Alternative Executions

Fly the kite horizontal to the ground then pop the top wing and immediately give slack so the kite falls into the turtle. Once the kite has fallen into a deep turtle pop the same wing again for the Lazy Susan rotation. Exit as above.

Videos with the Trick


A tutorial by Randy Greenway
A tutorial by Robert Randolph (Audiorob)

Rolling Susan and Turtle

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