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TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 5

The CYNIQUE is a series of reversing LAZY SUSAN rotations (360° entered from the TURTLE position). The trick may be entered either nose-up (as in a LAZY SUSAN) or horizontally (as in a ROLLING SUSAN). The trick is similar to the MULTILAZY, except that each rotation must reverse direction. The kite must complete at least three full reversing rotations. The trick is exited nose-up. Compare BACKSPIN CASCADE.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Minimum 3 rotations (e.g., right/left/right). ►Constant speed. ►Flat rotation.


The Cynique is a Lazy Susan cascade.


Primary Execution

Alternative Executions

Videos with the Trick


Lazy Susan, Multilazy, Rolling Susan and Backspin Cascade

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