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The CRAZY COPTER is a single 360° rotation, executed generally near the top of the window. The kite enters the trick by flying straight up. The nose of the kite is pulled forward and rotated approximately 270° on the pitch axis so that the kite is belly up and nose away, with the nose through the flying lines. The kite is then rotated 360° and flies straight up to exit.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Nose-up entry and exit. ►Flat rotation.


While flying upwards the nose is tilted back and the kite pitches the nose forwards (presenting the tail of the kite to the flyer), spins 360° in the horizontal axis before rising back into the normal flight position.

The Crazy Copter is very closely related to a Backspin. It is essentially a very flat Backspin that begins with the nose away from the pilot rather than forward.


Primary Execution

This trick is easiest started from the very top of the window. Begin the trick with forward momentum and give a bit to lean the nose back slightly. A strong pop with both hands will bring the nose forward, down then facing away from the pilot with the lines under the kite and across the leading edge. A pop with one hand will spin the kite flat and the kite is exited nose up generally.

Alternative Executions

For many kites a pop to get the nose to lean back initially is necessary. The spin portion may require a 2 hand movement in which the hands are placed offset and pulled at the same speed together.

It is also possible to fly downwards, slightly Flare the nose then pop. The kite will come towards you, up and away as in a Yo-Fade and while this is occurring apply slight pressure to one hand. The kite will rotate into position for the spinning portion of a Crazy Copter. This can be easily done anywhere in the window.

The Crazy Copter can also be initiated from a Backspin. Place the kite in a Fade and give a very strong input for the Backspin. Many kites will require a slight manipulation to bring the kite around flat, but as the nose goes away you can stop the kite then begin the Crazy Copter rotation.

Multiple rotations are possible, the Crazy Copter can also be executed in any direction including upside down, diagonally and sideways.

The kite can even be rotated one more to do a fully wrapped Crazy Copter. That is 630° of forward rotation.


A tutorial by Randy Greenway

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