Coin Toss

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TP-USA Tricks Party Definition Group 1

The COIN TOSS is a ground maneuver in which the kite balances on one wingtip and then executes a HALF AXEL—popping up and rotating 180°—and comes to rest on the opposite wingtip, where it must remain for at least two seconds.
KEY ELEMENTS: ►Held for minimum 2 seconds on final wingtip. ►Stability of the kite on the wingtip.


Primary Execution

A coin toss starts with the kite in a Wing Tip Stand?. Next perform an Axel-pop on the wing that's in the air by gently pushing it back a small way and then popping it towards you. Now extend your arms forward to give slack in the lines and allow the kite to rotate. After the kite has rotated, land on the opposite wing tip by walking forward. This move can be done from standing on one wing tip but can be performed out of a Slide as well. Take care the Slide is a little downward. When the kite touches the ground with it's wingtip, immediately do the Axel pop on the wing still in the air.

Videos with the Trick

Trick animation by Roy Reed


TPUSA judging tutorial

Axel Take Off, Wing Tip Stand? and Axel

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