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New Old dude.

Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018 1:52 am
by PaoloM
Started with a PPowell in Italy around the 90s, then a Flexifoil Impulse, and I was addicted. Scorpion, then a few Prism, a TOTL NSR made to fly in team, team flying (Evolution from Rome) and STACK ND from 94 to 99. We flew the NSR, then Chris Matheson SandPiper, then I got us a sponsorship from SpectraSpprtKites and they sent a huge box with 16 beautiful Reactors, from UL to Plus. I organized many comps and one EuroCup, with the likes of AIRKRAFT, Sky Dance, DustDevils, LungTa, the old guys ;-) Moved in US in 99 flew a little more around here meeting JBarresi, Brian Champie, Dan Withney and others, then a long stop simce maybe 2005 but the kite sting pinched me again and I see a bunch of new tricks which I can’t to with my original Gemini, although I swapped the bridle with th new one and flies much better.

I live around the SF Bay Area. (CA)

Compliments for the forum an KC web site. I spent the last weeks reading posts here and even meeting people online (thanks -Frazer!)

And those Super Nova are sexy.

Kites own d:
PPowell basic when I was 12
PPowell basic when I was 25
Flexifoil Impulse
Flexifoil Scorpion
Prism Macro Ion
Revolution 1
TOTL Hawaiian
Spectra Sport Edge *
Revolution 1.5*(std,ul,vat)
CM Sandpiper
Prism Illusion*
Prism Ozone*
Prism Alien*
Prism Elixir*
Prism 3D
Spectra Sport Kites Reactor full set
Benson Gemini*
Benson MiniGem. *

Kites still flying *