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New member introduction

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2018 1:26 pm
by Antinchip
An imminent house move has rejuvenated my long standing kite flying hobby, great looking park/field a few minutes away from the new house. Found this Forum and thought I would say "hello". Kite bag is very, very "old school" so I might be inclined to add something more modern in due course. Potted kite flying history follows;

Early to mid-teens (mid-1970's) in Farnborough, Hampshire a Dunford Flying Machine got me into the hobby. Soon added a Green's Pro-Stunt. All very nice for casual flying, providing there was plenty of wind.
After a few years I was shocked and awed to see some guys flying North Shore Radicals and Hawaiian Teams on my local field. Discovered a new kite shop nearby ("With Flying Colours", Frimley Green), bought an Action Kites Sky Dart and drifted in and out of the hobby thereafter.
In 1990 a surge in enthusiasm brought the purchase of a Benson Highflyers Phantom, a huge revelation. A pair of Hawaiian Team Chevrons followed, used for stacking (some pull), 
A move to Clapham in the early 90's allowed me to enjoy hours of flying on Clapham Common. During this time I bumped into another flyer, whose name escapes me unfortunately. More shock and awe - he was flying a prototype of a kite made by his mate Andy, called the Stranger. My efforts with the Phantom paled in comparison. He offered to get Andy to build a Stranger for me but for some reason I declined, I dislike hindsight!
The hobby has continued over the years, been to a few Kite Festivals, added various new kites to the bag, taught my wife and children to fly and so on. However in recent years flying, other than on holidays abroad, has become very infrequent, work and family etc. My last kite purchase was maybe ten years or so ago, a Flying Wings Hornet. At least with this I finally managed to learn how to Axel.   

I have unearthed the kite bag ready for the move. Even took my now 20 year old son out for a fly at the weekend. Got him going on a 6' Flexifoil Stacker but unfortunately the heavens opened soon after, just as I was about to unpack the Hornet. Pah!

For your interest my kite bag comprises; Action Kites Sky Dart, Benson Highflyers Phantom, Hawaiian Team Chevron x 2, Highly Strung 311, Inflight (Jim Rowlands) Twister, Benson Fizz Sport Reflex, Flexifoil 6' Stacker, Flexifoil Buzz, NPW5, Flying Wings Hornet and an old ultralight that I think might be a Chris Matheson mini-Sandpiper, memory now fading.

I will refresh my skills on the above and may then consider adding a modern kite of the trickable freestyle variety, probably something by Mr Benson, it was the Phantom that got me really hooked, so a bit of a soft spot there.

Many thanks.




Re: New member introduction

Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 8:15 pm
by Andy S
Hi Anthony

Welcome to the forum!

Hopefully you'll be able to find some flyers in your area. Where are moving to?

Re: New member introduction

Posted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 10:55 pm
by Antinchip
Thanks Andy. Not moving far in fact, just from Chippenham to the nearby village of Kington St Michael in Wiltshire. White Horse Kite Flyers country I think.

House move completes next week so hopefully I will be out and about fying again shortly and will see how it goes.